Nadine in 2017

Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my website. This site is like an online placeholder for me - it isn't regularly updated because I am off elsewhere creating content, but this site is my name and keeps all my activities in one place!  

To find out what I am up to in real time, you can check out my blog JuggleMum and the social media channels below:

 My lifestyle blog
 My newest project which launched on Valentine's Day 2017 is a self help blog for people who struggle with emotional eating, self esteem and body issues. It is called Love Yourself Slim and you can find it here: Love Yourself Slim website:

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 I am also the Editor at - Britain's biggest collective of lifestyle bloggers & social influencers and manage the day to day editorial calendar whilst writing posts myself.

 Finally I am actively writing a third book at the moment in a totally different capacity from my previous books, but you can check these out on Amazon. I will share more on the new book when it is more 'ready'!

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JuggleMum is my award winning family lifestyle blog which I keep bang up to date so if you are looking for a time management expert, speaker, business mum, mumpreneur, social media workshop facilitator, blogger, freelance writer or vlogger then find me there! The address is and my email address is:
Nadine Hill, JuggleMum

Video Blogging Corporate Project

I worked with Magnet Kitchens on a video blogging project called 'Kitchen Soul'.

They interviewed me about my kitchen and the design elements that were important to me when I designed it.  My kitchen is now a fun place to be, whereas a few years ago I found the kitchen - any kitchen, cold and intimidating.  This was before I embraced it and learned how to cook.  Previously it was the place where I stored the food.  These days I have a new business venture as a Pampered Chef Consultant so I love being in my kitchen now - and the kitchen of others!!

You can watch the video here:

Blogging Update

JuggleMum has been keeping me very busy lately as I've been polishing up my photography skills through various workshops and seminars, so I can improve the overall look and feel of the site. Go take a look... do you like what you see?

I've also been hard at work for BritMums, compiling and editing the monthly Video Round-up Posts. There is some fantastic emerging video talent out there from bloggers within the network, and being the Video Round-up Editor, I've had to lead by example and make sure I'm posting my own video content regularly! Have a mosey over to my YouTube channel and have a look at some of the videos I've done recently. There are loads of quick recipes, talking heads vlogs and increasingly, more fashion content - I'm going back to my fashionista roots!

There is more travel coming up on JuggleMum with some days out planned and an exciting trip to France, so keep reading and commenting. Let me know if there is a topic you would like me to cover and I'll see if it would fit the blog. You can tweet your suggestions to me here!

My Pampered Chef Business Launch

I'm pleased to announce the launch of my new business, as a Pampered Chef consultant!

It combines several of my loves... business, food and socialising!  It is my next life adventure and I'm very excited to be doing it.

You can find out more at my Pampered Chef Facebook Page!

My TV Acting Debut

So when you are tucking into your Cornflakes on Monday, watching Daybreak, the adverts will come on and wait! Just a second, isn't that Nadine? YES!

The photo above is a still from the TV advert that I'm in which will be shown on ITV1 and Sky Channels from April 2012. It is to advertise the new website My Family Club, a website aimed at families to help them save money and run their homes and lives more effectively. If you look really hard at the ad, you will notice that the picture on the wall behind me is going to show me and my children on the telly but here it is a landscape. The magic of television eh?

To appear on this TV ad, I won a competition. I had to submit my best money saving tip by video - here is my tip, which my friends have told me is really good!!

The day was a lot of fun and I enjoyed meeting the crew and seeing what they did. The Director was a guy called Will Smith (not the actor!) and he was lovely. Here he is, taking me through my lines...

So I'll be on air from next week and I'll try to tweet before the relevant ad breaks so people get chance to see it. I'm @Businessmum on Twitter if you want to follow me to get the tweets. I should have a list of when this ad is scheduled so I can be timley! If you want to see the website in question, then check out

Thanks for visiting!

News Just Announced!

I'm pleased to announce that I've been chosen for the Butlins Mum Ambassador Programme for 2011 - 2012.

This means that I will take two family breaks courtesy of Butlins to report on what I think and blog about the results! The blogs will be posted to my website Juggle Mum.