“When your economic value is from the neck up, you cannot afford to run around like a ‘headless chicken’!”

Nadine Hill is a time management expert; entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, business owner, blogger and ‘hands on’ mum of two. What she doesn’t know about time management, organisation and multi-tasking just isn’t worth knowing and her favourite saying is that ‘if you want to learn about time management, just ask a modern working mum!’

Nadine is passionate about getting things done, but also about ‘having a life’, believing that there are better ways to spend time than constantly in the service of others - so her strategies are about satisfying the commitments whilst having fun, moving forward and learning something new. Nadine manages to juggle a lot each day and believes that anyone can do it too if they want to, but she’s not a robot or a stern taskmaster – far from it. She’s just a highly driven, organised mum with a business oriented mind who makes the most of every second – and can show others how to do the same.

Her company, The Dream PA began in April 2005 with just £50 working capital, a great idea and a bucket-load of passion. Since then, it has grown to support hundreds of UK SMEs with their telephone answering enabling them in turn to increase business, and The Dream PA has also helped other Virtual Assistants to expand their service offering and make more money through a Reseller opportunity.

Using writing skills gained in her former career in fashion and consumer PR, Nadine achieved ‘Best Seller’ status when her first book, ‘The Virtual Assistant Handbook’ went to the #1 slot for business books on the global website Amazon, on launch day. Nadine's second non-fiction book, a time management guide for writers, bloggers and infopreneurs is out now on Amazon. She also writes regularly as a columnist for At Home Magazine, the UK premier celebrity and lifestyle magazine.

Nadine uses fresh business thinking and practical know how to help her audiences manage their time better, with a masses of handy hints thrown in for good measure. She has a business following on the micro blogging site Twitter where she is known as ‘Businessmum’ and she speaks directly to business groups about enterprise and being a mumpreneur. She was an Enterprise UK Ambassador for four years and represented the UK at a launch of the European Network of Female Ambassadors in Sweden!

Her blog ‘Juggle Mum' is observed by mums both in the UK and America, who come back regularly to read about ‘how to juggle without dropping the baby’!

In a business context to be more productive and work efficiently, attitudes often need transforming, old habits need to be broken and a fresh new mindset learned and applied to create advantageous situations. Where there are problems there are often hidden profits and the practical application of time management principles can help to unlock them. In ‘real life’ this all sounds very mechanical, but applying these same techniques can transform lives and help people achieve their dreams. Nadine’s strategies are tried and tested, easy to implement and tailored to each situation and can help the most disorganised person to start to turn their day around. Ambitions aren’t achieved without action, and the most cited barrier people use as their excuse for staying stuck is lack of time. We all have 24 hours – it’s how we use them that counts. Nadine can show how to make the best of the hours you have.

A firm believer in ‘living like you mean it’, Nadine has a long list of ambitions to fulfil and has already crossed some off the list such as appearing on TV game shows, running a business and studying at the London College of Fashion. She is still actively working towards many other aspirations such as having a hot tub in her garden, bringing out a range of organisational products for busy women, working with companies with a female audience as a brand ambassador and appearing on Loose Women!

Nadine founded JUGGLISTA® by Nadine Hill in 2009 with a vision of building the first media and content company focused on lifestyle management and personal development for busy working women. The Jugglista brand will become a lifestyle champion for career minded mums, busy girls, women with multiple roles and fabulous females everywhere to aggregate content and provide suggestions and resources to help them run their hectic lives.

For a high energy speaker with natural warmth, approachability, passion and a ridiculous obsession with time management, contact Nadine to discuss availability. She has a jam packed schedule but the beauty of her meticulous nature is that being strict with how she spends her time makes her schedule flexible for projects that take her fancy! A quick chat costs nothing and could spark off some great ideas.

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