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Testimonials from Business Contacts:

"Nadine is a walking, talking, living, breathing example of 'Positive Attitude' and a real driving force where it comes to quality delivery. I would very highly recommend Nadine and am very happy for anyone who wants to contact me for a reference. Thanks Nadine, you are a star and a much cherished friend!"
Sammy Blindell, Managing Partner, ICE Online Marketing Ltd, www.iceinnovation.co.uk

"It was a pleasure for Bookshaker to publish Nadine's book, I Don't Have Time To Write - and I picked up some useful time-saving tips myself when reading the manuscript. Nadine was very professional in her approach as an author and great to work with. We've also used Nadine's Dream PA services at Bookshaker and would recommend her to anyone." 
Lucy McCarraher, Commissioning Editor, Bookshaker

"It has been a pleasure to work with Nadine on the HP challenge. Nadine brought a lot of enthusiasm to the tasks and was very thorough and articulate in her feedback while totally embracing the fun nature of the review. Nadine has been transparent and professional throughout and has always been true to her word on her availability and the level of involvement that she can commit to."
Thom Brown, Competitive Ink and Media Intelligence, HP

“Nadine is one of the most organised, proactive and enthusiastic people I have ever met. She is a true entrepreneur with the vision not only to drive forward her own business interests, but also those of her clients. Fun to work with and a very safe pair of hands.”
Louise Vaughan, Head of PR at Royal Bank of Scotland - Car Division.

"Working with Nadine brought a whole new experience to the company, she brought a whole new approach and style to marketing which gave a much more professional feel and made the department more approachable than ever before. As she moved to pastures new her vast experience across different businesses made her the most profound speaker i've seen, she actually understands people and shows an unlevelled layer of empathy, she is great person and a true asset, I'd heartly recommend Nadine to anyone." 
Phil Hubbard, IT System Adminitrator, Dixon Motors

"I have had the pleasure of dealing with Nadine on a number of occasions, either providing her with our services or using her services. Nadine knows her industry inside out, is very knowledgable, great to deal with and a fantastic public speaker.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Nadine to anybody that is looking for a trustworthy PR/PA/Public Speaking service."
Stuart Holdworth, Owner, Ascensor Ltd www.ascensor.co.uk

"I am constantly inspired and amazed by Nadine's unstoppable energy and ability to put a plan into action - as evidenced at the launch of her Virtual Assistant Handbook. Not only is she a fearless networker she's extremely professional too."
Joe Gregory, Publisher, Bookshaker. www.bookshaker.com

"I first met Nadine at the Mumpreneur Conference in Birmingham in 2009. I was facilitating a workshop based on my forthcoming book which Nadine attended. Afterwards Nadine approached me as a fellow author (both with Lean Marketing Press) and one with an amazing Amazon No1 Best Seller under her belt. She offered me support as a newbie and I can honestly say that her advice was invaluable. My working relationship with Nadine since then had proven her to be as intelligent, professional, warm and supportive as she appeared to be at that first meeting. She truly walks her talk and I would strongly recommend her in any business capacity."
Susan Odev, Proprietor at Mum Ultrapreneur and Author of the book of the same name.

"How refreshing speaking to Nadine, she actually cares about what she does which is great and has kindly also put me in touch with a few people that could help create opportunities."
Rachael Taplin, Founder, Mums in Control. www.mumsincontrol.co.uk

"Full of energy, intelligent, friendly, able to understand a business and its marketing needs in depth, fast and efficient - and a very pleasant person."
Fergus McClelland, Voice Coach, Vocaltrademark www.vocaltrademark.com

“I started my entrepreneurial journey after reading a magazine article about Nadine and since then she has been a crucial part of my business. I took her VA tele-course, have asked for advice along the way but most importantly Nadine has always been an inspiration to me and I truly admire her super creative style. Just wish she was based in London! ;)”
Ghislayne Perez-Barker, The Star PA

“Nadine is 100% focused on customer satisfaction and understands what is involved in delivering quality services year after year. She is a pleasure to work with.”
Carolyn Mumby, Owner, Employment Law Essentials

“Nadine is passionate about what she does. She is highly effective at delivering quality remote assistance on all aspects of reception cover and Personal Assistance. No company need be without full reception cover when Nadine is involved.”
Jason Dean, Chapter Director, BNI

"Nadine, you're what business is about."
Lyndsey Young, Inventor, Count on It Labels