Where Do You Know Me From?

When a business contact sends me an email and I don't remember their name, I often wonder where I met them or how they got my details to email me!

So in case you are wondering where you met me, it could have been one of the following:

Face to face networking (mainly in Yorkshire): The Business Network (Leeds); BNI; Forward Ladies; Business Link WIN Network (this is no longer active); Bacon & Eggs Entrepreneurs; LunchNet; Thirsty Thursday; WiRE

Online networking: LinkedIn; Twitter (@Businessmum); Facebook; UK Business Labs; Brit Mums (formerly British Mummy Bloggers)

Through my writing: My At Home Magazine column, articles I've done for www.MyFamilyClub.co.uk or my books which sell on Amazon

Through my speaking: As an Enterprise UK Ambassador (I was invited to 10 Downing Street through this role); for Business Link; For the European Launch of Female Enterprise Ambassadors (this was a speaking engagement I did in Stockholm); Professional Speaking Association; Toastmasters

Did this jog your memory? ...Or maybe I have left something off- let me know!