My TV Acting Debut

So when you are tucking into your Cornflakes on Monday, watching Daybreak, the adverts will come on and wait! Just a second, isn't that Nadine? YES!

The photo above is a still from the TV advert that I'm in which will be shown on ITV1 and Sky Channels from April 2012. It is to advertise the new website My Family Club, a website aimed at families to help them save money and run their homes and lives more effectively. If you look really hard at the ad, you will notice that the picture on the wall behind me is going to show me and my children on the telly but here it is a landscape. The magic of television eh?

To appear on this TV ad, I won a competition. I had to submit my best money saving tip by video - here is my tip, which my friends have told me is really good!!

The day was a lot of fun and I enjoyed meeting the crew and seeing what they did. The Director was a guy called Will Smith (not the actor!) and he was lovely. Here he is, taking me through my lines...

So I'll be on air from next week and I'll try to tweet before the relevant ad breaks so people get chance to see it. I'm @Businessmum on Twitter if you want to follow me to get the tweets. I should have a list of when this ad is scheduled so I can be timley! If you want to see the website in question, then check out

Thanks for visiting!