Blogging Update

JuggleMum has been keeping me very busy lately as I've been polishing up my photography skills through various workshops and seminars, so I can improve the overall look and feel of the site. Go take a look... do you like what you see?

I've also been hard at work for BritMums, compiling and editing the monthly Video Round-up Posts. There is some fantastic emerging video talent out there from bloggers within the network, and being the Video Round-up Editor, I've had to lead by example and make sure I'm posting my own video content regularly! Have a mosey over to my YouTube channel and have a look at some of the videos I've done recently. There are loads of quick recipes, talking heads vlogs and increasingly, more fashion content - I'm going back to my fashionista roots!

There is more travel coming up on JuggleMum with some days out planned and an exciting trip to France, so keep reading and commenting. Let me know if there is a topic you would like me to cover and I'll see if it would fit the blog. You can tweet your suggestions to me here!