Nadine in 2017

Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my website. This site is like an online placeholder for me - it isn't regularly updated because I am off elsewhere creating content, but this site is my name and keeps all my activities in one place!  

To find out what I am up to in real time, you can check out my blog JuggleMum and the social media channels below:

 My lifestyle blog
 My newest project which launched on Valentine's Day 2017 is a self help blog for people who struggle with emotional eating, self esteem and body issues. It is called Love Yourself Slim and you can find it here: Love Yourself Slim website:

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 I am also the Editor at - Britain's biggest collective of lifestyle bloggers & social influencers and manage the day to day editorial calendar whilst writing posts myself.

 Finally I am actively writing a third book at the moment in a totally different capacity from my previous books, but you can check these out on Amazon. I will share more on the new book when it is more 'ready'!